When wedding preparations are on a roll and you are piled up with shopping you still search for something that defines your very own persona. With all your family giving you tips on shopping and especially jewellery to choose you still have that glimmer of light left to do something beyond. And when you can’t go without adding a bit of funk to your outfits your curiosity should not be dimmed on your very special day of life. So for all the brides-to-be who deny feeling bad for being curious and having your way with life here are top wedding trends that you must check out:

  1. Lotus motif jewels– a symbol of prosperity, fertility and beauty. Lotus has uploaded through trends to become an integral part of wedding motif designs. Gorgeous works in meenakari integrated with polki or Kundan jewellery for your dazzling earrings, detailed necklaces and head accessory.
  1. Shoulder-dust earrings- a very integral part of your modern bridal jewellery set. Earrings dangling up to your shoulders are making a ravishing statement. with all your wedding gowns, shoulder dust earrings in diamonds with gemstones are so much to go gaga for.
  1. Cocktail rings: yes, you are getting married and the huge wedding ring should be enough but what about the other hand or what if your whole outfit is missing something? It’s the ring that you need. With very much on the rise cocktail rings are your go-to. Artificial cocktail rings in funky designs are so vogue these days. Worth trying.Visit here for more description about Deodorant
  1. Designer bangles: a bride isn’t a bride without an arm full of bangles. Now add in a twist and make it more than kaanch ki choodiyan and your bridal choodhas. There might be something more to it. Designer bangles with diamond or other stone studded and handcuffs in precious jewels for that chic look are right on the list.
  1. Layered necklaces- while a bridal choker with maharani haar makes it a very-qualified option for your bridal necklace set. A neck laden with layers of neckpiece makes the front cover of the wedding magazine these days. From multi-layered necklaces in polki designs that make you look nothing less than a Mughal maharani. It’s your go-to for that royal-themed wedding.
  1. Multi Layered matha Patti- Remember Sonam Kapoor’s wedding? We can’t deny that she does has a refined taste in fashion and accessorising. Her multilayered matha patti was a stealer.  Though not many brides do go with the choice for a multi-layered matha Patti while giving a very intrinsic bohemian feeling.  it’s a sure shot for all the experimental brides out there who want ado something different.
  1. Customised jewellery pieces- here’s an idea for you, the groom’s name engraved in your wedding bangles or your other jewellery piece. What a fun way to make a statement that is perhaps going to inspire a lot of people at your wedding to do the same. It makes your entire look a bit different but also brings a big happy smile to your knight.

Everything comes with a cost and this is a wedding. They are expensive for the loudest. A lot of the time it carries the worry of keeping tabs and not loading too heavy that your bank is going to send you a warning text.  But it’s YOUR wedding, how do you exactly compromise?

You Get all Info About Coding

Well, what if you don’t?  what if you go with all you want without any teensy bit of compromise and also lower the cost?  Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? 

There is the option to rent jewellery online. Why online? Because you don’t want to end up exhausted in bed after running around for bridal jewellery everywhere. searching for bridal jewellery online is a wise choice. 

You will have a concern about the quality and authenticity of the jewels and would want to go for the best. 

We have your back for this. 

Rent n Flaunt is a brand that lets you rent the best designer jewellery online, and with the utmost care taken over each piece, you are presented with bridal jewellery sets of top-notch quality. Having a versatile option in every wedding trousseau. it’s your one-stop for that big fat Indian wedding.

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