Hunt for Huge Rewards When Playing the Royal Fish Shooting Game  Jun88 – Royal Fishing

Royal Fishing is another name for the Royal fish shooting game, with tons of free gold and interesting 3D effects. Once you have accumulated a certain number of shots, you can summon a dragon’s roar and cause a large-scale attack. The game allows participants to experience and win prizes in many ways. Come and try this game here JUN 88 home page Please.

Introducing Royal fish shooting game

Royal fish shooting game comes with many different activities. With the game, in addition to having many great prizes in the game, you also receive additional incentives from the house. This is a special event for ocean game enthusiasts. The activities have been modified and made more interesting in the most innovative way so that they are no longer boring.

There are 4 room modes to choose from and the characteristics of each room are different as follows:

  • New players room has a betting limit of 0.1 – 10
  • King room limits bets 1 – 80
  • Qianlong Room limits bets to 10 – 100
  • VIP room betting limit 10 – 100

Target lock function: Players can choose the fish they want to kill. Use target lock to eliminate that fish. The gun will automatically load and shoot the selected fish until it is no longer on the screen or an individual swims out of the pond.

Automatic mode: This function of the game is to automatically choose to shoot fish. Instead of doing it your way, just click on this mode, bullets will automatically release and aim at the target. However, it will waste bullets and not be as effective as expected. So most gamers do not often choose this method.

Attractive rewards when playing Royal fish shooting game

  • There are 18 levels of Royal fish shooting with cashback: Everyone can participate just by placing a bet in the Royal fishing game.
  • Cashback Bonus: There are three levels

– Bronze treasure chests receive a random bonus of 1-50.

– Silver chests receive a random bonus of 10-500.

– Gold chests receive a random bonus of 50-2,500.

  • Daily, Weekly Cashback: Players can receive weekly prize funds.

Royal Fish shooting game features – Royal Fish

  • Players who successfully kill the Lobster will have a large explosion that will affect the fish in the surrounding area.
  • Red Lightning Lobster is a free ammunition with unlimited number of bullets and a usage time of 15 seconds.
  • Lighning Chain – When successfully destroyed, you will receive Lightning Chain to snatch fish close to the target.
  • When the crab explodes, it is successfully destroyed. The game will explode other fish around the screen.

Special creatures help increase bonuses when playing Royal fish shooting

Drill-nosed lobster

After firing the drill it will penetrate the fish and eventually the drill will explode on its own, creating an opportunity to catch fish within the explosion range. Now lock the target and defeat them becomes simpler, while bringing great rewards.
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Thunder lobster

At the start, play for 15 seconds for free and switch to the Thunderbolt French tower to shoot automatically. There is a chance to gain additional shooting seconds in the process. Thanks to the extra time, you can easily kill more fishermen to increase the bonus.

Cua bomb serial

Destroying it will cause many large-scale explosions and have a chance to catch fish within the explosion range. So you will increase your bonus quickly.

Immortal Boss – Golden Toad & Ancient Crocodile

When the immortal boss appears on the field, players have the opportunity to win continuously until the boss leaves. Please take full advantage of it.

Awakening Boss – Frost Phoenix

  • The base multiplier is 30
  • Attack increases power X6 – X10
  • Bonus up to 300 times

Chainlong King Wheel

When you catch the Chainlong King it activates the wheel effect. Players can use it to stop time. Multiply the numbers of the outer circle and the inner circle to see the multiplier. Maximum is 350 times.

Payout rate of Royal fish shooting game

Regular fish payouts x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8, x9, x10, x12, x15, x20, x25, x30, x35, x40, x50 and x55 times the bet.

Payout rate of special fish:

  • Lobster payout x20 – x80 times your stake.
  • Lightning Chain payout x60x your stake.
  • Bomb Crab, payout x70 times stake.
  • Golden Toad payout x50 – x120 times your bet.
  • Ancient crocodile payout x60 – x150 times the bet.
  • Lucky Dragon payout x120 – x200 times your stake.
  • Phoenix Ice Pay odds x180 – x300 times your bet.
  • King Dragon Wheel payout x135 – x350 times your bet.


Royal Fishing is an interesting game rarely seen in other games. Gamers can participate in this noble fish shooting game right at the game website of  Jun88 homepage. In addition, we also have special events held in the game, or related incentives. It can be said that this is a game that you and your friends should definitely not miss.

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