What is Handicap betting? Experience super accurate scale reading

In the world of soccer betting, Handicap bet, also known as Asian odds, is one of the most popular types of odds and is favored by many players. The interest in Handicap odds does not stop at understanding its nature but also at how to analyze and place bets correctly. Let’s Kubet Casino Go deeper into exploring Handicap betting through the article below.

What is Handicap betting?

Handicap odds, or handicap odds, were initially developed by European bookmakers and then adopted and further developed by Asian bookmakers based on the needs and characteristics of players in this region. Handicap bets set a certain handicap condition, usually based on the difference in strength between the two teams, to equalize the chances of winning for both sides and create attractive odds.

How to read and understand Handicap odds

Handicap bets are evaluated through the term “Odds” or odds, in which the bookmakers will pre-determine the amount of winnings that the player can receive if they win. Betting analysis experts at the bookmaker will base on a series of factors such as team performance, history, strength as well as other actual conditions of the match to determine the appropriate Handicap bet level.

When participating in betting with Handicap odds, players need to clearly understand how bookmakers set handicaps, thereby applying tactics and analytical skills to be able to make the most accurate betting decisions. Deep learning and accumulating experience will be the key to helping players increase their chances of winning bets in each match.

Read Handicap odds super accurately 

Handicap odds, also known as handicap odds, are one of the most popular types of bets in soccer betting, especially in matches in Asia. To understand and bet effectively with Handicap betting, you need to master how it works and the different odds offered by the bookmaker. Below is a detailed guide to popular Handicap odds and how to read them from Kubet:

1. Handicap 0 (equal ball bet)

When the bookmaker offers a 0 handicap, this means that the two teams are considered to be evenly matched. In this case, you just need to choose the team that you believe will win. If the match ends in a victory for your chosen team, you win the bet. If there is a tie, your bet will be refunded.

2. Handicap ¼ (0.25)

The ¼ handicap represents a slight difference between the two teams. If you bet on the handicapped team (overdog), and this team wins, you win the entire bet amount. If the match is a draw, you will lose half of your bet. On the contrary, if you bet on the underdog and the result is a draw, you will win half of your bet.

3. Handicap ½ (0.5):

This bet does not allow a draw result in betting calculation. If you choose the favorite team and this team wins, you will win the entire bet amount. If this team does not win (draw or lose), you lose the entire bet amount. Betting on the underdog will win if this team wins or draws.

4. Handicap ¾ (0.75)

This is a bet that reflects the clear difference between the two teams. If the favorite team wins by at least two goals, you win the entire bet. If they win by just one goal, you only win half your bet. If the result is a draw or the underdog wins, you will lose your bet.

5. Handicap 1 (1.0)

If the favorite team wins by one goal, the bet will be a draw and you will get your bet back. If this team wins by a margin of two or more goals, you win the entire bet amount. If the result is a draw or the underdog wins, you lose the entire bet amount.

Understanding Handicap odds and how they work will help you gain more advantages when participating in soccer betting. Especially in accurately assessing the relative strength between two teams and making appropriate betting decisions.
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Tips for effective Handicap betting from experts

There are some effective Handicap betting tips that players should not ignore Kubet synthesized, including:

  • Observe the competition situation of the teams: Monitoring previous matches and understanding the performance capabilities of the teams will help players accurately predict the scoring rate and match results. 
  • Determine balanced odds: To ensure safety when betting, players should look for matches with a balance of strength between the two teams. 
  • Monitor match progress and bookmaker odds: Changes in the bookmaker’s odds table can provide important suggestions to help players make accurate betting decisions. This requires players to stay updated and flexible in their betting strategies.


Through this article, we hope you have had a better overview of Handicap betting and know how to apply the necessary skills to effectively conquer this type of betting. Please continue to follow and learn to improve your analysis and betting abilities at bookmakers like Kubet.

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