What you must know about marriage for immigration purposes

If you’re having trouble getting a work visa or permanent resident card to live and work in the United States, getting married to a citizen or permanent resident may seem like a good option. However, if the reason for your marriage isn’t a genuine desire to create a life together. Discuss your situation with a Family-Based Immigration Lawyer.

What does it mean to get a “green card” after getting married?

Spouses of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents are granted permanent residency in the United States upon marriage, granting them the full rights and privileges of citizenship. Visit for know about : my puppy poop

Marriage-based green cards can fall into one of two categories:

  • Documentation proving permanent residency
  • Permanent resident visa with conditions
  • Legalization as a permanent resident
  • If your case is approved and you and your spouse have been married for more than two years, the green card you apply for will be valid for 10 years before it needs to be renewed.

Green Card for Permanent Residents with Conditions

A conditional CR1 marriage green card can be issued to a husband and wife who have been married for less than two years. You’ll still have the same freedom to move throughout the country and find work, but conditional marriage green cards aren’t renewable. To get around this, you need to remove the conditions on your green card through a petition submitted within the 90-day grace period before the card’s expiration.

Likewise, you’ll have to provide fresh evidence of the validity of your marriage. If you’ve been married for less than two years, USCIS will want to see updated photos, shared financial documents, and evidence of any children you’ve had since filing. You should utilise the same evidence for your relationship that you did in your first application, but this time you should offer them all at once.

Inclusion in the Marriage Green Card Eligibility System

Given USCIS’s dedication to stopping persons from getting married to obtain legal permanent residency, the standards for gaining a green card through marriage are generally stringent. The following are the typical caveats:

  • You have successfully completed the legal requirements for marriage.
  • Your wedding is legal and binding. In other words, it’s not just a green card marriage for the sake of expediency.
  • You or your spouse has documentation showing that you are either a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident.
  • You’re both single and not tied down to anybody else.
  • Other limitations must be considered in addition to these minimum standards.

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