Double Lottery Prediction – Revealing 3 Top Strategies

Double lottery betting always gives us many options, along with stable payout rates. Our following article will suggest some methods for checking double lotteries for free when participating in betting at the playground New88, let’s see.
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What is double lotto?

Double lottery number is a special form of lottery betting, where the player will choose a single double number and place a bet. With this form, we can bet in one day or over a long period of time. 

The high or low payout ratio will be determined by the house from the beginning. Note that in case you play double lottery numbers during the day and that number appears multiple times, the bonus amount will increase accordingly.

Common double lot types 

Before learning how to effectively catch double numbers, let’s take a look at some of the following popular types:

Double equal

These are the pairs of numbers that most people choose, characterized by identical tens and units. Thus, the double list will include: 00 – 11 – 22 – 33 – 44 – 55 – 66 – 77 – 88 – 99. This double format is very suitable for those who play lottery betting for the first time because it is easy to recognize. without needing to remember or calculate much.

Double deviation

Playing double-skewed lottery numbers is less popular, almost only suitable for veteran lottery players. This dual form refers to 5 pairs of numbers, each pair is made up of 2 numbers related according to the yin/yang shade.

New88 Please list the double deviation list as follows: 50/05, 16/61, 27/72, 38/83, 49/94. Or if players are still wondering, they can understand that double difference means that the pair of numbers with tens and units is 5 times more or less different.

Double negative

There aren’t many people who play negative double lottery because it’s rare and the winning rate is not high. These double numbers will be created by negative shadows, the list includes: 14/41, 07/70, 29/92, 36/63, 58/85.

Revealing effective strategies for playing double lotteries

If you want to win money when playing double lottery today, you cannot rely on emotions. Instead, each person should save some due methods New88 Share the following:

Play double-frame lottery

Playing in frames means that we choose a satisfactory number and play for many days. For example, you can play double lottery with 2 days frame, double lottery with 1 day frame, today’s double lottery number 666 for 7 days or more.

Playing by frame is effective, but this strategy requires you to prepare enough capital. If you return on the first day, stop. If you don’t return, increase your capital the next day and continue until you leave.

Double lottery prediction based on today’s Special Prize

Relying on the Special Prize is one of the effective ways to predict free double lotteries that players should apply. The way to do it is simple when we need to calculate the results of solving NE, then see if there are any two numbers in the sequence that are the same and stand next to each other. If so, then take that pair and play the 7-day frame with a very high chance of winning.
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For example, you observe that the Special Prize is 11234. So in the sequence where the number 1 – 1 is the same and is adjacent, you should immediately play the double number 11 within 7 days.

Double catch based on the dumb end

This is a simple way to check the two numbers for free every day, anyone can do it themselves. Specifically, please observe to see if there is any mute player in this spin (does not appear). 

If you see a dumb number, then in the next round you should immediately play the double number of that silent number. Note that in this case, you should continue to play the double lotteries today for a long time to increase your winning rate.

Double lottery betting operation at New88

If you are planning to play lottery in general and double lottery in particular at the playground New88, so follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Log in: Access the link New88/ Go to the home page → Select “Log in” → Fill in ID and password → Login account. In case the player does not have an account, please register.
  • Step 2: Deposit: Select “Deposit” → Choose the appropriate deposit method → ​​Enter information and amount → wait for confirmation. Members need to declare information and the amount within the limit for the system to quickly verify.
  • Step 3: Bet on double lotteries: Access the “Lottery” section → Choose three-region lottery → Choose the best pair of double lots today → Place a bet and wait for the results.


Our article above has revealed some effective strategies for playing double lotteries and includes a lot of useful information. Please quickly register an account at New88 and join the bet. Wishing all members to choose the numbers they like and win.

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