Poker card order is 100% standard according to experts at New88

Card game Poker is one of the games that attracts the most attention from users in the world New88sg. The rules in the poker game are very easy to understand and the order of arrangement is also extremely simple. In this article, we will discuss the rules of order in poker that players need to know.

Why do you need to learn about poker cards at New88?

New88 will help you know the card positions in Poker in the most detailed way. Because this is one of the information that many people are most interested in today. Below are the reasons why you should update your knowledge about card order in this game.

  • If players understand the order of cards in poker games, it is easy to consider winning and losing.
  • One of the reasons you need to know the order to play poker is to use appropriate strategies. Players will know how to bet to limit risks and win big when playing poker.
  • Understanding the order of cards in poker will help players ensure their rights. Other players will not be able to cheat or bluff their way to victory. However, bookmaker New88 is a safe address so you can be completely at peace because other players cannot cheat. Because of the strict monitoring system along with strict provisions on players cheating during the betting process
  • One of the reasons that cannot be missed is that players will feel more confident and psychologically comfortable playing Poker. This is also a way to help players increase their chances of winning and receive huge bonuses from this attractive game.

Card orders in poker at bookmaker New88

When playing poker at New88, players will encounter the following card orders:

Hall break box

The straight flush is one of the highest flying sets that everyone wants to own when playing poker games. This deck will include cards 10, J, Q, K, A of the same suit together to form a straight flush. The probability of these cards appearing at the same time is very low, so it is considered the strongest. If in a game both players are afraid of losing the house, then compare the qualities with each other. Whoever owns the larger clearing box will be the winner of the game.
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The lobby is identical

A straight flush is only worth less than a straight flush and is ranked as the 2nd strongest. This deck is made up of 5 cards with consecutive values ​​from low to high and guaranteed to be of the same suit. If the players both have the same suit, compare the values ​​of the decks to find the winner.

  • Quartet: Four of a kind means four cards of the same value but not of the same suit. If the game has two or more people owning the same quarter, consider the remaining card. In order of four quarters, they will be ranked third in the poker game.
  • With him: Cu Lu is ranked 4th in poker card ranking, it is behind: Straight flush box, straight suit, four of a kind. Cumulative means that in the hand there will be a pair and a set of 3 cards with the same value.
  • Bin : Flush means five cards of the same suit and does not need to be consecutive or of the same value. If there are 2 players who own a set of cards, compare the values ​​of the next cards.
  • Lobby: Straight deck means that when combined, it will create 5 cards of consecutive value and not of the same suit. When you own the straight, your cards will be greater than the player’s 2 pairs. 
  • Set of 3 cards: The three-card suit is a position that often appears in poker, but it is not too big. When combining 5 cards together, 3 cards of the same value will appear and the remaining 2 cards will be odd cards.
  • Two double : When playing poker at, you will definitely encounter a pair of two pairs a few times. This means that 5 cards will have 2 pairs and 1 odd card. If 2 people have the same set of 2 pairs, they will be judged based on the value of the pair. In case of comparison but two pairs are equal, use odd cards to determine winner or loser.
  • Mau bid: Which pattern is the last ranked card pattern in the poker game? 5 cards that are not connected to each other and do not form a set according to the positions she mentioned above are called Mau Mau.


The article above is detailed information about Standard poker card order for players at New88. Hopefully with this knowledge, you will be more confident and comfortable betting when playing card games. At the same time, bring in lots of attractive bonuses from reputable bookmakers.

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