Tips to Troubleshoot Common BigCommerce Issues

BigCommerce is a hosted eCommerce solution that aids companies of all kinds, from minor to large, in creating their online stores and conducting sales. Therefore, Bigcommerce development services are in high demand for flawless eCommerce shop creation. The vast features of the store make it even more appealing for business owners. Since BigCommerce has a server, it doesn’t demand the customer to buy web hosting or follow any other installation process.

If you have an internet service, you can create and run the store on the BigCommerce platform anywhere. These are the pros of this fantastic platform. However, it has its shortcomings in creation, maintenance, and updating. But that need not be a worry, and you can overcome these challenges with the appropriate BigCommerce theme development

Automatic Categorization

The main challenge is automatic categorization. Online retailers with many products find it exceedingly challenging to retain discontinued items posted or products incorrectly classified without any automated categorization feature. Website visitors will quickly become irritated if they repeatedly browse the products there and discover the incorrect products in a given category or things that need to be made available. And will erroneously believe that everything on the website is optional to be updated. However, it is possible to overcome this by using the tools that help to allocate the products automatically into categories and sub-categories depending on specifications. 

Limited Options for Payment

If you don’t offer a variety of payment alternatives for your online store’s wide range of goods and services, you miss the chance to turn potential clients into buyers. Offering preferred payment options your consumers like and are at ease with is always profitable. Start by deciding on a credit card option that provides premium services at competitive prices, fraud protection, and tokenization so that clients can check out using their Card on File. Therefore, providing your customers with various digital wallets that online shoppers often utilize is always advantageous.

Unfortunately, Bigcommerce does not yet support Masterpass or Visa Checkout. To overcome this issue and get the most sales, you need to hire a Bigcommerce web developer for customization.

Limitations of Blogging and SEO

The restrictions on SEO and blogging are two additional frequent BigCommerce difficulties. Visitors cannot find the items in your online store since it does not feature blog articles about the related products. It is impossible to link your SEO and blog content to the products on your website. As a result, you will miss out on worthwhile possibilities and calls to action for converting inbound traffic. Since BigCommerce no longer has this capability, website owners must manually add product references to the body of blog posts.

No Standard Back-ordering Functionality 

BigCommerce has difficulties that are only immediately apparent as problems once you require the feature. Not having a typical backorder feature is one of these problems. The BigCommerce SEO support and tutorial section has limitations and should provide more helpful information. There should be a feature where customers can place orders using the back ordering option before the supply is available. By having this function, businesses can guarantee that it will be accessible quickly. Try out the BigCommerce BackOrder app if you are tired of the workarounds for allowing backorders. The application performs more than just one backorder operation. With tools to customize CTA, messaging, and threshold, it ensures your consumer will have a positive experience.

Website Page Speed 

Due to Google’s emphasis on the user experience of the websites it delivers search traffic to, site speed is a significant ranking factor. BigCommerce is clumsy and slow, like most shopping cart platforms that use templates. If you have a well-experienced and expert BigCommerce website designer, you can make modifications to improve the site speed. However, it is still difficult and time-consuming for the developers to make adjustments to speed up a website because of how BigCommerce is constructed.

Canonicals and the Absence of Tools for Duplicate Content 

Many shopping cart platforms come with the ability to define canonical URLs for items and categories. However, BigCommerce still makes it difficult. Manually modifying theme files there is a simple method for doing this. Customers of BigCommerce have been pleading for this fundamental SEO functionality for years, but there are no plans to offer it anytime soon. Thin content, identical manufacturer product descriptions, or duplicate postings of your blog entries on the listing and article pages can all be examples of the same content. This will result in poor ranking, and you might need the help of experts to modify the theme files to overcome this issue. 

Counterintuitive Administrative 

BigCommerce website updates, no matter how small, can feel like an overwhelming undertaking. BigCommerce is a less SEO-friendly platform due to its many confusing processes. For instance, standard page adjustments at the category or product level are not allowed when editing a brand page; you must do so through the “banners” part of the admin.

Absence of Core Functionality and a Development Testing Site

While BigCommerce is renowned for its robust features and functionality, some users may still find it lacks certain specialized features that meet their unique business needs. Store owners might need to rely on third-party apps or custom development to integrate the desired functionalities, which can be cumbersome and costly.

Moreover, BigCommerce, by default, offers a variety of development environments and staging areas, making it challenging to test development changes safely. Implementing modifications directly on the live site without testing can lead to various issues, including site downtime, broken features, and compromised user experience. Store owners should explore custom development options or third-party extensions to incorporate functionalities unavailable in BigCommerce.

Challenges With Product Bundling 

BigCommerce’s system automatically creates a collection of products under a single stock-keeping unit (SKU) when a product bundle is set up. Unfortunately, this prevents the current SKU administration and necessitates additional setup and management (inventory, fulfillment, etc.) to accommodate a new SKU. Most business owners like having the flexibility to assemble product bundles as needed; therefore, there are better options than this. While bundles are a collection of various distinct SKUs with tracking and fulfillment handled at the individual product level, they are presented to customers as a single package deal.


No eCommerce platform is perfect,  each has its strengths and BigCommerce is no different. However, businesses need to overcome these issues to succeed. Understanding the common problems and shortcomings of the platform helps you take proactive measures to overcome the challenges and become successful. If you are not tech-savvy or an expert with the platform, it is advisable to get assistance from BigCommerce experts or experienced developers. It will help you own a fully functional and flawless store. 

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