How to play sicbo – Learn the rules of playing sicbo effectively

If you are a player on betting websites, perhaps the game “Sicbo” is not too strange. Sicbo is a game that often appears in Asian casinos. Sicbo is a game of chance and does not require much skill or strategy. In this article, players will see how to play sicbo most effective and detailed.
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Introduction to the game Sicbo

Sicbo, also known as Tai Xiu, is the oldest gambling game. To understand simply, this is a betting game in which players will predict numbers and results of the bet through observing the movement of the dice. This way of playing sicbo brings excitement, attraction and excitement to all participating players.

The Sicbo game has been known to everyone for a long time and originated in China. The game Sicbo is always popular everywhere in every region and every country today. In particular, this game often appears in casinos in the US, Korea, Macau, …

How to play sicbo – roll the dice

Sicbo is a game where players use 3 dice (dice) to calculate points. At each dice, points from 1 to 6 will be scored and correspond to the number of dots. Every time a bet is made, 3 dice will be shaken evenly in a small box. This small box must be a closed box so that players cannot see the dice inside.

After placing a bet, the player’s choice of bet number and bet amount will depend on the score of that roll. Scoring results will be calculated based on the total number of dots on the 3 dice when opened for viewing. If the player bets on the same number, he or she will win the bonus. The way to play sicbo is also extremely risky, if you are lucky you win the bonus, if you are unlucky you lose the bet.

Betting techniques in playing Sicbo

Usually when playing Sicbo, players often learn about different playing techniques and bets from the house. The basic types of bets are shown specifically in the process of making bets. Specific bets are as follows:

Betting Over – Under

Based on making Over or Under bets, players can make choices in the simplest way. The total score of Over is from 11-17 points, Under is from 4 to 10 points. Whichever door you place on, the score corresponding to that door will win.

Players can choose how to play sicbo by betting on either side. If luck comes to the player, the possibility of winning bonuses when playing bets is also extremely high. The amount of money that players win from the house is also extremely large.

Double bet

Double betting means that before starting the betting match, you have to bet that 2 dice will have the same specific score of your choice. Players can choose many different pairs from 1 to 6 according to their preferences. The payout ratio for double bets is 1:10.

This is one of the basic types of bets that can help players bring in high reward percentages when applied to playing sicbo. The betting process will depend on the amount of capital of the player, if you bet more you will win more, if you bet less you will win less.

Bet three

Making double bets is not too complicated, but players must know how to calculate in the most reasonable way. With 3 dice that have the same score when rolled out, it is called a double bet, the player can place a bet. An even ratio of 3 balls with the same score can result in a reward of 1:180 if the corresponding score is from 1 to 6. Otherwise it will be 1:30 depending on your preference.

This type of bet is often more popular in the process of playing sicbo online. Choosing a bet depends on your preferences as well as your level of luck and waiting for the results. Winning or losing will depend on whether the player has a lot of luck or not.

Total bet

Total bet means you can bet on the total score of all 3 dice when there are total boxes showing scores from 4 to 17 for you to bet on. In this type of bet, there will be different payout rates depending on each total score box and will be clearly written below each total score box.

The total bet will be made when the player calculates and grasps the opportunities in hand. How to play sicbo according to this bet depends on whether the player dares to bet or not? Depending on the result, the winning or losing bonus amount will be different at the house.

Bet on pairs of numbers

Betting on a pair of numbers is where you bet on one or two pairs of numbers that you think will appear when the dealer rolls 3 dice. In number pairs betting, there will be 15 pairs of numbers for you to choose from to bet on. And there will be a payout ratio for number pair bets of 5:1.

This is a type of bet where almost every error in Sicbo is shown by the betting player. Normally, this type of bet will have a win/loss ratio of 50-50. Therefore, the way to play sicbo will depend on the luck that the player has and will bring back a high or low prize amount.

Bet on specific numbers

Specific number betting means you can bet on 3 dice when there is a specific number displayed in your head. Then you can choose numbers from 1 to 6 as you like. If the dice have points that match the points you bet on, you will win money. This is the way to play sicbo that many people who believe in luck will definitely choose to bet.

The payout will depend on the bets in each bet offered by the bookmaker. The specific implementation process will follow the ratio 1:1 or 2:1 or 3:1. Players will base on the playing process to bet the amount according to their wishes and preferences. From there, helping players win more money.
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Learn the tools in the game Sicbo

Applying experience in how to play sicbo is one of the leading factors. Players need to observe a professional tool so that they can bet most effectively. Specifically:


Dice, also known simply as dice, each dice will have 6 sides and have a cube shape. Each side has dots representing numbers from 1 to 6 points. The result of each roll of the dice will be calculated by counting the total score of the 3 sides of the dice facing up. From there, you can find out who guessed the correct result of Sicbo.

Sicbo betting table

Usually bonus sicbo betting games use many different betting windows. Players can place one or more bets according to their needs. Each bet will have a certain reward rate. Players can apply some playing experience to bring certain effects.

Sicbo is a quite interesting and famous folk game that you should experience once. Above is the specific information about how to play sicbo that we want to bring to you with the purpose of helping you better understand the game of sicbo and the bet types of the sicbo game. Get quick access to the game portal Kubet To experience this game effectively.

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