What is Mau Binh? How to Play Mau Binh New88 Details

What is Mau Binh?, what are the game rules and tactics? Players can easily get “headaches” and even “empty their pockets” if they play haphazardly in this type of card game. So what do you need to do to play well to be able to win more? The answer will be revealed below, through the answers of New88 game portal.

What is Mau Binh?

To become a talented player in the game Mau Binh, start by clearly understanding the nature of this game. The game is also known by names like Thirteen or Xap Xam, this is not the same gameCard game normally. This is an intellectual battle, requiring players to possess logical thinking to build strategies to help rise to the ranks of masters.

Dedicated to beginners, learning about the essence of this game is an important step. In the world of cards, anyone who understands this game understands the art of playing cards.

A table is usually played with 2 to 4 people, each person will calculate with 13 cards and must arrange 3 different hands. The rules of the game require players to arrange their spending wisely. It is necessary to arrange the cards so that the front hand is stronger than the back hand, creating a connection capable of defeating the opponent.

What are the standard game rules in Mau Binh?

In order for players to no longer find this game complicated, understanding the rules and each card is an important key. In the Mau Binh deck, each card is divided into two important elements: number and suit. For example, if referring to the card 5 of hearts, the number 5 is the number part and the heart is the suit part.

The true value of each card will depend mainly on the number, not the suit. In the list of cards, the Ace is at the top with the highest position, the card value gradually decreases from Ace to 2. More simply, card 2 represents the lowest value in the deck, let’s explore more deeply about it. Detailed value of each card!

What is the value of the card hands in Mau Binh?

For a difficult game like Mau Binh, building an accurate card placement strategy is a prerequisite. Please clearly understand the order of cards to optimize your chances of winning:

  • Mau Thau: Odd cards are not linked together.
  • Pair: Two cards with the same score form a pair.
  • Animal: If there are 2 pairs in a genus, the last genus is not arranged into an animal.
  • Sam: Three cards of the same number in one suit form a sam.
  • Straight: 5 cards in a row, but the last hand does not form a straight if it begins or ends with an Ace.
  • Box: 5 cards of the same suit in one suit, the last suit is not linked.
  • Cu Lu: Includes a pair and a sam, the last limb is not classified as Cu Lu.
  • Four of a Kind: 4 cards of the same number in one hand, the last hand is not in a four of a kind.
  • Hall Break Barrel: The string is of the same suit, the last hand does not classify this card.
  • Big Straight Breaker: If there is both a straight and a flush, there must be an Ace, the last hand does not fold.

Note that in case the cards are the same, the tie rule will apply.

Rules of play in a game of Mau Binh

Rule What is Mau Binh?? Learning how to win big requires understanding the rules of the game, requiring high tactical thinking. At the beginning of each game, players will receive 13 cards and must skillfully divide them into 3 hands. Specifically, the first and second hand have 5 cards, while the last hand has 3 cards and will be compared with other players in detail for each hand. Note that the arrangement is so that the front limbs are stronger than the hind limbs to avoid being counted as broken soldiers.

Each game has a 90-second stacking time. For computer players, there is hint support to automatically arrange cards. When the time is up, the process of comparing cards with other players takes place, each hand lasting 5 seconds.

In special cases, when a player’s hand wins, they will be considered the winner without needing to compare with other players. At the same time, if two players have equally strong cards, they will “split the chicken” together.

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Learn how to calculate money when playing Mau Binh card game

To become a master in this game, players need to know how to calculate money correctly. This facilitates fair games:

  • Winner: The winner will receive 1 bet from each loser. Winning 2 hands gives them 2 bets, and winning 3 hands gives them a total of 3 bets.
  • Loser: In case of loss, the loser must pay the entire lost amount to the winner. If all 3 hands are lost, the payout will be 3 times (ie 9 bets) for the winner.

This way of calculating money will help create a fair gaming system and also promote professionalism for the game.


Through the article, you have an overview What is Mau Binh? and information on standard payment methods when playing. Hopefully the information is okay New88 Sharing has helped you better understand the rules of the game and the necessary strategies. This information helps you fully enjoy the experience in the fascinating world of the Mau Binh card game. Wishing you successful games!

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